Baldur's Gate 3 YouTuber offers $500 bounty to anyone who can find the mystical, fourth-wall-breaking Karlach cutscene without mods

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Nothing gets gamers mobilized quicker than a good old urban myth, but one Baldur's Gate 3 content creator is sweetening the pot by offering $500 to anyone who can organically trigger an elusive, fourth-wall-breaking Karlach cutscene. 

YouTuber Chubblot first posted the video below that shows sweetheart Karlach ominously realizing that she's stuck within a video game's hellish, coded walls before staring directly into the camera and talking to players - not the player character, I should emphasize, but the player. Chubblot triggered the scene by modding the game's files, which led to speculation that it was simply cut content.

Things shook up significantly when Karlach's voice actor Samantha Beart tweeted, "perhaps I'll talk about it when someone triggers this organically (rather than yanking the file and then getting confused about context)," implying that the scene remained somewhere in the game proper. The speculation only heightened as players across social media reported they too had seen Karlach's realization, though many of their claims were conflicting, no one could agree on how to trigger it, and most importantly, no one had recorded evidence of how to trigger it without mods. 

Baldur's Gate 3 YouTuber Proxy Gate Tactician has now kickstarted a hunt for the missing scene since in-game files supposedly state that it "Currently Can Not Be Triggered." Per their most recent video, Proxy Gate Tactician is offering $500 to anyone who can trigger the scene without mods/cheats, and can also provide a replicable method on how to trigger Karlach's existential collapse. 

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Baldur's Gate 3's missing Karlach scene joins a long line of gaming's most mysterious urban myths, from the "Cow Dimension" in Diablo 1 that nobody ever managed to find to Shadow of the Colossus' non-existent 17th boss fight that had online forums in a chokehold for years. The former even motivated Diablo 4 sleuths to murder almost 2,000 cows in search of a secret cow level.

Elsewhere, Larian’s CEO says Baldur’s Gate 3’s full mod support marks the moment the studio passes the reigns to the RPG community: “Now it’s yours fully.”

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