After 32 years, the cult classic NES platformer that goes for thousands on eBay is getting a sequel

Gimmick 2
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In the late days of the NES, legendary developer Sunsoft released a game called Gimmick. It did not make a splash at the time, but more recent reevaluations have recognized it as a proper classic - to the point where it's now one of the most sought-after games on the platform. Now, decades later, another developer is picking up the torch to give us a proper sequel.

Gimmick 2 is set to launch across all major platforms sometime in 2024. There are no proper details on what this sequel will look like just yet, but promo text says we'll "solve puzzles, trick enemies, and explore a physics-based playground" just like in the original game. Gimmick 2 is in development at Bitwave Games, a studio whose output up to this point has included a whole bunch of classic shmup re-releases and a seemingly well-liked platformer called Wunderling

Gimmick! 2 – Reveal Trailer – LRG3 2024 - YouTube Gimmick! 2 – Reveal Trailer – LRG3 2024 - YouTube
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The original Gimmick hit the Famicom back in 1992, years after the platform's 16-bit successor had hit the market. Gimmick was a technical showpiece for the aging hardware, with gorgeous visuals, outstanding music powered by a special sound chip in the cartridge, and far more challenging platforming than you'd expect from a game so cute.

Those factors alone would be enough to make Gimmick a collector's item in the retro community, but its reach outside of Japan was extremely limited, as the NES version - retitled Mr. Gimmick - was released only in Scandinavia. Authentic cartridges can go for hundreds of dollars, and if you want a complete copy in the original packaging, you're looking at a price well north of $1,000.

For years, Gimmick's legacy has been its technical excellence and absurd rarity, but modern players have actually been getting a chance to enjoy the game on its merits as a platformer. A remaster hit PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox last year, and seems to have done a fine job of bringing the old game to a new audience. Here's hoping the sequel can prove to be a worthy follow-up.

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