Minecraft modder makes "Minecraft 2" by replacing literally everything in Mojang's iconic sandbox game with the number 2

Minecraft 2 thumbnail screenshot showing a pig, Steve, and dirt block all shaped like large number twos
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Minecraft likely won't receive an official sequel from Mojang any time soon as the sandbox gem instead evolves via updates - but that doesn't mean "Minecraft 2" can't exist separately, as proven by one creative YouTuber.

Fingees, a YouTuber best known for silly Minecraft mod videos, has outdone himself with what may just be his most impressive creation yet - Minecraft 2. Despite its name, though, Fingees' "mod" is no sequel. It's actually a surreal two-themed take on Mojang's beloved game. "The original Minecraft is super iconic because everything is a cube," Fingees says, introducing his unbelievably whacky mod.

"So, of course," in Minecraft 2, "everything from the landscape to the items, to the redstone, and even the Ender Dragon is shaped like the number two." When Fingees says everything - he means business. Every single texture shown in the YouTuber's video is riddled with little twos, his tools are made up of twos, mobs are shaped like twos - even Steve is a large, unsettling number two. Fingees' bow, which is also, of course, comprised of twos, shoots two arrows instead of one, and both are shaped like twos.

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The Minecraft 2 footage grows increasingly wilder as doors become "duo-rs," redstone is instead "reds-two-ne," torches are now "two-rches," and more. Fingees showcases some of his revamped menus in-game, too, including the inventory that is hilariously shaped like a big number two: "I've solved Minecraft's huge inventory management problem by making your inventory shaped like a two so that there's way more slots for everything!"

Fingees' chaos doesn't end there - remember those two-shaped mobs? You can breed them to get new numbers, 2048 style. Two "two" pigs create a "four" pig, two "four" pigs make an "eight" pig, and so on. It's like one big, blocky fever dream. For more outlandish Minecraft 2 material, it's worth giving the YouTuber's video a full watch. Fingees' other content is similar, too, with the modder himself proclaiming that he's "adding everything to Minecraft." Mojang should hire this guy for next year's April Fools' prank update - could you imagine what he'd come up with?

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