Escape from Tarkov plans to counter cheating by giving in-game currency to players who successfully report opponents who are a little too good at the game

Escape from Tarkov
(Image credit: Battlestate Games)

Escape From Tarkov is stepping up its anti-cheat game and toxicity efforts by giving out in-game currency in the event of a successful ban.

In the extraction shooter's latest patch notes, developer Battlestate Games dedicated a section to "compensation for reporting players who violated game rules." In those notes, the dev confirms that "players will receive in-game currency compensation after the report that led to the blocking of the violator."

It's not clear exactly how much currency you'll get for a successful report, but if you do get a bad apple banned from the game, you'll get your compensation along with an in-game message congratulating you for fulfilling your civic duty. If you manage to rid Tarkov of several troublesome players, your cash rewards will be bundled together.

This kind of community feedback against cheats isn't massively widespread, but it's not brand-new. League of Legends, for instance, lets players know if someone they reported has been punished, and once upon a time even offered in-game currency to players using 'The Tribunal', an in-game voting system where you could decide if a reported player was guilty or not. Tarkov seems primarily focused on bringing justice to cheats rather than unpleasant players, which is somewhat less subjective, so it'll be interesting to see how successful this feature is.

Elsewhere, the update introduces offline solo raids into its PvE Zone, new wishlist mechanics, and in-game feedback surveys, as well as making a suit of AI and balance adjustments.

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