The Games of March 2013

March 26 (cont'd)

BioShock Infinite

Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Irrational Games has been teasing their BioShock successor for years and soon we'll see if BioShock Infinite can live up to its lofty hype. Leaving Rapture behind, Infinite takes the series to Columbia; a floating dystopian society under siege by civil war and other, darker influences. Players will slip into the role of Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton Agent who boards Columbia to settle old debts and rescue a young lady named Elizabeth. Naturally, as we've learned from our prior stays in Rapture, nothing is ever as it seems in the BioShock universe; and from what we've seen to date, robot birds and time/space rifts will be among the least of DeWitt's problems.

BioShock Infinite eschews multiplayer to fosuc on a single player story. However, Irrational Games stated it will feature a more open-world design and enough content to fill the void, including an ultra-hard 1999 mode that promises to test even the most hardened Pinkerton vets. We've been following BioShock Infinite since it was announced in 2010. Read up on the essentials in our 17 things you need to know about BioShock Infinite.

Pandora's Tower

Platform: Wii
EU: April 13

Don't stow your Wii just yet. 2013 has a few surprises for the aging Nintendo console, one of which is this localized action role-playing game from Nintendo and Japanese game maker Ganbarion. The fantasy epic follows Elyria hero Aeron as he climbs the 13 Towers of the Scar in search of monster meat that will save his cursed sweetheart, Elena.

Pandora's Tower's North American release follows a famous fan campaign called Operation Rainfall, and you can credit publisher Xseed Games for finally bringing the 2011 Japanese hit stateside. After the success of The Last Story, it isn't surprising to see XSeed give another Wii RPG a chance, and we'll soon see if all the effort was worth it.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14

Platform: PS3, Xbox 360
EU: March 28

Tiger Woods is going back to the past. Not to prevent any "discretions," mind you, but to take on some of golf's most legendary icons in this 2014 version of his PGA Tour series. This trip down memory lane will star over 25 playable duffers, including legends like Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan, Bubba Watson, and Jack Nicklaus; as well as classic gaming attire and equipment. The main game will also feature historic events plucked from all four Majors, new LPGA tournaments, and 20 championship courses. If that isn't enough to scratch your virtual golfing itch, more courses will be made available as DLC.

March 28


Platform: 3DS

Harmonia is in peril and the Noizoids are up to no good. So goes the set-up to this rhythm platforming hybrid heading for the 3DS's eShop. In it, players will guide the hero Tempo through side-scrolling worlds by tapping to trigger actions along to the games soundtrack. Faster levels and bonus characters will be unlockable with high level scores, and devoted HarmoKnights will be rewarded with bonus stages feature the sweet sounds of Pokemon (which makes sense considering developer Game Freak's Pokemon resume).

Interested to see HarmoKnight in action? Read our Import Impressions – HarmoKnight, the 3DS Game from the creators of Pokemon.

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