Xbox Games with Gold for February 2018 will make you fast and furious with Split/Second and Shadow Warrior

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Ah, February. The month of Valentine's Day! The month of love. And what's not to love about some excellent free games on your Xbox courtesy of Games With Gold? This month, Microsoft is serving up only the most romantic and passionate games, including one about modern-day ninja warriors battling demons and immortal race car drivers who can call in freaking plane to crash and tear up the track they're driving on. Good times. 

Remember: any games you choose to download during their availability period will remain accessible so long as you have an active Xbox Live Gold membership. And don't forget too that any Xbox 360 games made available through Games With Gold are also backwards compatible with Xbox One.

February 2018 free Games With Gold games

Shadow Warrior (Xbox One) - Available: February 1 - 28
A remake of a 90s cult classic, Shadow Warrior stars assassin Lo Wang - a wisecracking stereotypical action movie star kind of guy who loves the Stan Bush song "The Touch" (yes, the one from the Transformers cartoon movie) more than you'll ever love anything. Well, that and killing demons. He likes doing that, too. Set in modern day but featuring enemies inspired by Asian mythology, Shadow Warrior will satisfy your need for intense first-person combat.

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India (Xbox One) - Available: February 16 - March 15
While Ubisoft was experimenting with ways to breathe new life into the aging Assassin's Creed series, it came up with Assassin's Creed Chronicles - a series of platformers more like the old-school Prince of Persia games than a modern-day open-world AAA bonanza. This episode takes place in (you guessed it) India, expanding the world of Assassins vs Templars yet again.

Split/Second (Xbox One / Xbox 360) - Available February 1 - 15
Racing games generally fall into two categories: the realistic simulators and the arcade-style racers. With the ability to call in explosions, helicopter crashes, even large-scale demolitions like a crashing plane or dam's destruction (some of which can completely alter a course's shape), Split/Second is decidedly in the latter category. This game was unappreciated in its time, so here's hoping a free round on Games With Gold gives it new life.

Crazy Taxi (Xbox One / Xbox 360) - Available: February 16 - 28
YA YA YA YA YA!!! I bet you just sang that in your head, didn't you? If yes, you already know what you're in store for with Crazy Taxi. And if not, let me tell you to be prepared for some fast driving, sick burnouts, huge jumps, and a whole lot of crazy driving as you try to get your fares to their destinations before time runs out - all while rocking out to some fantastic Bad Religion and Offspring tracks.

January 2018 free Games With Gold games

  • The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 3 (Xbox One)
  • Zombi (Xbox One)
  • Tomb Raider: Underworld (Xbox One / Xbox 360) 
  • Army of Two (Xbox One / Xbox 360)