Games Britannia: Replayed brings new games and industry experts to Sheffield

Games Britannia: Reloaded is a games event taking residence at Sheffield’s MAGNA Science Adventure Centre on the 7th and 8th of July, showing off the latest games by Namco, Nintendo and Sumo as well as some of the greatest games from Britain over the past 40 years.

The Nintendo Unleashed tour will be at the event, which hosts the latest 3DS and Wii games for punters to sample, while Namco will be showcasing Studio Ghibli’s highly-anticipated game Ni No Kuni- which won’t be released in Europe until January 2013, so any chance to see that should be taken - among others.

The British games industry will be celebrated across the weekend, with SUMO digital (which isn’t travelling far considering it’s based in Sheffield) showing off Sonic and Sega All-Star Racing: Transformed, while Executive Producer Steve Lycett will be at the event to answer questions on the game’s development.

Above: All of these games have connections to the UK. Makes you a wee bit proud...

On top of that, a dedicated Best of British zone - where games like Batman: Arkham City and 3D Monster Maze will be on display – should give you a glimpse into the UK’s vibrant game development scene. These publishers will also be submitting prizes for various gaming tournaments held throughout the weekend, so if you feel you’re a master of FIFA or a dead-eye at COD, there’s the chance to bag some swag.

Outside of getting your hands on unreleased games, there will also be keynote speeches and workshops from prominent figures in the British gaming industry.

Martin Hollis and Tony Wills, who worked on Rare’s Goldeneye and Eurocom’s Goldeneye respectively, will talk about making James Bond work on consoles. Also, Football Manager creator Kevin Toms and current producer Miles Jacobson OBE will be giving a talk about the popularity of the football management game that has lasted 30 years.

To round it all off, industry professionals at the event, Blitz academy and Sheffield Hallam University will be giving advice on what subjects to study at school, college and University if you want to break into the games industry.

Tickets are £10 for adults for one day and £18 for the weekend, while children only pay £8 for one day and £12 for the weekend, while family tickets will cost £28 and 50p from every ticket will also be donated to charity Special Effect. Visit the website for more details.