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Game music of the day: 'Splosion Man

Game: 'Splosion Man

Song: Donuts, go nuts!

Composer: Matt "Chainsaw" Chaney

Above: Donuts, go nuts! from 'Splosion Man

One of the best indie developers around is Twisted Pixel, makers of some great downloadable 360 games. And while titles like The Maw and ‘Splosion Man are real fun to play, it’s the company’s sense of humor that keeps us coming back. Perhaps the most memorable moment of TP’s platforming tour de force ‘Splosion Man is when you pick up a fat scientist and use him as a laser shield. The moment you pick him up, the frenetic soundtrack drops away and is replaced by a calming, island rhythm as you’re treated to an ode to the quality of donuts. Even if the rest of the game makes you want to move as fast as you can, you’ll stop dead in your tracks and listen to the tune, giggling all the way to this surprising and out of place jam.

Above: Here's how it appears in the game

And that’s not the only musical aside in the game. If you stuck it out and finished the devilish final levels, you were treated to the insanely awesome live action ‘Splosion Man music video. Here it is now, so even those too lazy to beat it can enjoy it at last.

AndTwisted Pixel has kept that spirit of cute and surprising songs alive, most recently inComic Jumper’s hilarious stats song. Anyway, we'll leave you with the real final song to the game, a lovely, bromantic ballad written to ‘Splosion Man. We’re so glad that you’re our friend ‘Splosion Man, now where’s a f*&%ing sequel?

Oct 21, 2010

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