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Game of the Month, October 2012

Winner: Dishonored

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October was a month full of big games, and undoubtedly, you had some tough choices to make regarding what to buy and play. Among a very strong roster of releases, none stood out as strongly as Dishonored, a dazzling game that takes huge risks at a time in the life of our current-gen consoles when you don't see so many new IPs drop. Its stealth action approach is enthralling and the world of Dunwall is lively and engaging. It's a stout single-player game that's absolutely worth playing.

From its tense action to its awesome hero, make sure you carve out some time for Dishonored.

Runner up: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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The follow-up to 1994's strategy PC classic, XCOM: Enemy Unknown puts you in charge of an international coalition working to save humanity from a threat of alien takeover of Earth. Between the fragile alliances and the attachment you'll feel to your squadmates--you must name them, after all--it's a game that organically weaves together tough decisions and enthralling gameplay.