Game of the Month, July 2012

Winner: Spelunky

Read the Spelunky review.

July 2012 has been a huge month for great digital games. And our winner is no exception to the rule. An indie darling that captured the hearts of developers long before it graced Xbox Live, Spelunky is a deceptively engaging platform puzzler that’s more likely to drive a spike through your hand than it is to hold it. It’s difficult on a level that’s rivaled by the likes of Super Meat Boy, and yet it’s so engaging because it’s fair in its punishing nature, and you’ll have a hard time turning away from its charms. Yes, it’s a tough game, but you won’t be able to turn away. Not even when you’ve used the last of your resources and still fall just short of the end goal.

There's a reason that Spelunky has garnered so much critical acclaim. You owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Runner-up: Dyad

Read the Dyad review.

Toronto based game studio ][ (yes, that’s Left Square Bracket Right Square Bracket) has concocted a game that requires as many eye drops as it does a Zen-like focus to nail down its tricky maneuvers and techniques. And that’s before Dyad layers on Trophy challenges. It’s one-part arcade racer, one part hallucinatory puzzle game. But it’s all amazing.

Sterling McGarvey