Galaga - Xbox Live Arcade review

What's the one way you could mess up this classic shooter?

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    This hits the shooter spot

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    Continue mode

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    Just 400 points


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    No two-player. Outrage.

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    Begs for an arcade stick

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    With Geometry Wars

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    will you care?

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No discussion: Galaga is one of the best space shooters the golden arcade age ever produced. There's almost no need to review it now that it's on Xbox Live Arcade, right? Instant classic plus reissue equals massive score? Not so fast. There's something missing that makes this oldie a little less of a goodie.

The core gameplay still gets our adrenaline pumping. Insectoid aliens swoop down on your tiny starfighter, dropping bombs and flying in suicidal, looping lines as you frantically try to dodge. It's Space Invaders shot full of Red Bull. If you're daring, you can let the bug-eyed bastards steal one of your reserve fighters, then reclaim it in the heat of battle for double firepower.

We like the continue mode that this versionoffers, and we'll never complain about earning Achievements for game moves we've been doing for 25 years. What we don't understand is why our friends can't play too. There's no two-player mode to be found - not against other Live players, not even against your buddy sitting on the couch. You'll prove your prowess only through online leaderboards. Hello, Xbox Live? Multiplayer game network, right here. The arcade original featured two players, and we can't think of a single reason why the Xbox Live Arcade reissue doesn't.

Galaga is still worth your money, mind you. This frantic game still delivers the twitch frenzy that gamers crave, and deserves its spot in your quick-fix collection. But dammit, why skimp?

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DescriptionThis arcade classic still plays great, but we're not forgiving the creators for taking away all the two-player modes.
Platform"Xbox 360"
US censor rating"Everyone"
UK censor rating""