Full Auto 2: Battlelines in your pocket

What was clear from our hands-on time was that Full Auto 2: Battlelines will have a lot of PSP-specific content to offer. Many of the vehicles and weapons, which you can mount on the side of your ride in addition to the PS3's front and back mounts, are unique to the PSP. The career mode plays as more of a world tour than the PS3 version, offering you iconic (albeit generic) locales in North America, Europe, and Asia where you can whip your customized ride and blow up the fools that scratch the vinyl. Numerous unlockables, 4-way ad hoc multiplayer, and a licensed soundtrack featuring the likes of Sum 41, Wolfmother and Megadeth round out an impressive list of PSP-only features.

With a solid foundation and about three months until launch, we think Full Auto 2: Battlelines is off to a great start. We can't wait to put this one through its paces after Deep Fried has battered it with some of that Need For Speed mojo, submerged it in a huge vat of boiling oil and served it to us in a plastic basket with fries.