Full Auto 2: Battlelines

For that matter, how about you just add the word "more" to the following items: cars, weapons, unlockable skins, tracks and mission types. This looks like a much bigger game, with Twisted Metal-style gladiator arenas better integrated into the career mode and more secondary objectives to each level, as well.

The biggest change is the new approach to earning boost and "unwreck" time. These are now awarded for incredible driving, not for blowing everything up. You'll have to catch air or powerslide more often to keep the boost flowing, unless you grab one of the short-lived "infinite boost" pickups. The upshot is that, just like every other element, there are a lot more ramps and other reasons to get cars into the air and the physics are a little more forgiving.

Given the "upgrade" approach, don't be too surprised when you see a lot of recurring cars, tracks and other assets from the 360 original. Read our reviewhere to get an idea of what that's all about. In our preview build, the PS3 seems able to push out the game's dense polygons just as well as the 360 and some of the lighting and explosion effects have been blessed with more detail and oomph.

The test will be multiplayer, as anyone who played the 360 release online knows that terrible spawn points made many matches utterly miserable. We've only seen one notoriously bad spawn point so far and since the PlayStation Network isn't live at press time, we'll have to wait before taking the game online. Hold tight and you'll know - the game ships in December.