Fubar review

For those who've never seen Saving Private Ryan, FUBAR is a military acronym meaning `Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition' - a verdict you can't pin on this sly, surprising mockumentary.

At first it looks as aimless as the lives of its subjects, a pair of hard-drinking Calgary headbangers called Terry (David Lawrence) and Dean (Paul Spence). When the latter's diagnosed with cancer, the film finds its focus, riffing on friendship, maturity and mortality in a refreshing, syrup-free fashion. There are other twists in store, too, including one priceless, pitch-black comic coup.

To be sure, this isn't Spinal Tap, many of the subcultural clichés (tin-eared rock lyrics, single-digit IQs, boozy vandalism) coming up well short of 11 on the laugh-o-meter. But Terry and Dean turn out to be as lovable as Bill and Ted, Wayne and Garth and Jay and Silent Bob, thanks to artfully artless performances that merge seamlessly with genuine noggin-thrashers who've got no clue that the doc is mock.

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