Zoe Saldaña’s new Netflix series is getting rave reviews – and a spot in the streamer's top 10

From Scratch
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Netflix’s latest foray into romantic drama From Scratch is all about a whirlwind romance in Italy. The mini-series follows Amy (Saldaña) as she takes time out before law school to study art in Florence. Here, she meets and falls in love with a Sicilian chef called Lino (Eugenio Mastrandrea).

However, what starts as a love story turns into something more poignant when Lino faces health issues and the couple must rely on their families to navigate a turbulent time. Attica Locke co-created the series with her sister Tembi Locke, whose memoir it’s based on. 

The series, released on October 21, is already climbing up Netflix’s Top 10 lists. In the UK it currently sits at three, while it’s at two in the US, with official Netflix figures showing it racked up 32 million hours viewed in its first three days. The show hasn’t just been popular with viewers either, with critical praise meaning it currently sits at 92% on Rotten Tomatoes

"Zoe Saldana and Danielle Deadwyler elevate the material beyond being Hallmark Channel fluff," writes Decider’s Meghan O'Keefe. "From Scratch is a dreamy, steamy, tearjerker that is the epitome of escapism."

TV Guide’s Maggie Fremont praised the lead actors, writing: "In lesser hands, these two characters could easily become over-the-top or melodramatic, but Saldaña and Mastrandrea hit all the emotional notes over the decade or so Amy and Lino are together – the sexiness, the bickering, the deep love, the anger, the heartbreak – at just the right pitch."

From Scratch

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Variety’s Caroline Framke called it a "swoony romance" that evolves into "a heartrending story of loss and resilience". "There’s a version of this tale that could focus on the whirlwind nature of it all (and obvious Aperol sponsorship)," she writes. "It could simply emphasize the romance of two people from completely different cultures and backgrounds doing their best to make it work. But even before tragedy befalls them, director Nzingha Stewart takes the time to highlight both the beauty and the bittersweet moments lying in between."

"As a portrait of a late love, From Scratch is about as fond as they come," says The Hollywood Reporter’s Angie Han. "Sincere adoration radiates from every scene, enveloping its central couple and their loved ones even in moments of strife or struggle. The Netflix miniseries comes across as the work of someone savoring their dearest memories."

M.N. Miller of Ready Steady Cut writes: "From Scratch is the kind of elevated romantic escapism that’s difficult to create and too easily dismissed. Seasoned with moments of wonderful humor, beautiful romance, and a few gut punches along the way."

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