From Russia with Love shot dossier

While Bond fans will no doubt be rejoicing at the that EA are in the process of developing the 1963 espionage high jinks of From Russia with Love, they may be slightly dubious of how accurately the game will follow Fleming's original storyline after seeing the first batch of shots from the game.

While Connery's likeness seems to have been accurately captured, the fact that the sharp-suited secret service agent is seen bombing around in a jet-pack would seem to suggest that the publisher will be embellishing the plot somewhat.

As any true Bond aficionado will tell you, without any shadow of a doubt, there wasn't even the slightest sniff of a jet-pack in From Russia with Love, but, judging by these shots, it will play a starring role within the game.

With plot details for the game still unconfirmed, it's unclear how far EA's version will stray from the original synopsis, although we imagine that the basic story will remain intact, with Bond battling the nefarious SPECTRE and, hopefully, foiling its attempts to steal the Lektor decoding machine.

Of course, we're anticipating Bond's Bentley will appear, as well as exploding talcum powder canisters and wrestling gypsy women.

From Russia with Love will be released for Gamecube, PC, PS2 and Xbox