From EA with love

We've that EA's next Bond outing is to feature the vocals and likeness of Bond veteran Sean Connery for the videogame version of one of his better Bond films, From Russia with Love.

Well, now we've seen it in action and can comfortably speculate wildly that this may very well be EA's best Bond game yet. And that's not just because the polygonal variation of Brosnen's dislikeable Bond has been dropped.

Particularly noteworthy moments come from action involving a jet pack and a fight with a helicopter around the clock-face of London's Big Ben tower.

With explosions and deformation of the big clock, not to mention the fact you're having a missile fight with a helicopter, the scene is one of the most dramatic to ever appear in any of EA's Bond outings.

And drama is something EA is promising to deliver right the way through the game, with an all-new approach to how different types of gameplay are handled within the game.

Previously, varying gameplay types were locked into their own levels. However From Russia with Love has been built on the foundations of a new engine that allows different styles of play, such as driving and flying sections, to be seamlessly weaved into the same levels.

Meaning Bond can go straight from walking and shooting right into driving or flying off using his jet pack, without you having to endure a prep-loading screen in between.

EA is also keen to push the deathmatch multiplayer mode, which, despite using an unconventional third-person viewpoint, is highly playable. Although deathmatch oddly remains offline, considerably nullifying the mode's importance in the overall scheme of things.

A release date for From Russia with Love is yet to be announced, although don't be surprised to see it make an appearance in the crucial and lucrative Christmas run-up period.

From Russia with Love will be out for PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and PC, however a release date is not yet confirmed