Freshly grown Spore screens

Friday 25 August 2006
God games used to impress by letting you zoom out to a whole planet, but Sims creator Will Wright's super-game just keeps on drifting outwards into space, providing endless new worlds as if you're dipping into a gigantic bag of marbles.

These new images from the Leipzig Game Convention give an idea of the diversity you can expect to find when the PC game's released next year - every world, every creature, every settlement is unique, whether they're invented by the game or quietly downloaded in the background from other players.

Once your own race of creatures has achieved spaceflight, it's up to you whether to observe, ally with or harass each new civilisation you encounter - from abducting roaming animals to blasting their capital cities. Of course, if they have spaceflight too you can expect an unimpressed visit to your own homeworld in return.

There are also plans afoot to releaseSpore for multiple platforms, including DS, although no dates have been announced.