Free DLC on track for Test Drive Unlimited 2

Eden games is offering Test Drive Unlimited 2 DLC for the low, low price of nothing as its way of saying "sorry" to fans for the number of issues that have plagued the multi-platform racer since its release earlier this month.

From day one (that day being February 8th in North America, 11th in the UK), TDU2 owners across all platforms have been piling intogame's official forumsto report performance issues ranging fromfrozen loading screens, corrupted save files, disappearing assets and broken multiplayer features. To its credit, Eden Games has been chipping away at the growing list of glitches for weeks, and has today confirmed it will be giving away its upcoming 'Exploration Pack' DLC as the studio's way of thanking players for sticking around while they hammer out the game's biggest kinks.

“We really appreciate your patience in this matter and we would like to announce that we will be making the first premium DLC for the game free for everybody as a way of saying thank you,” wrote Eden Games in today's release.

The DLC will add new wrecks to discover as well as the Lancia Stratos version Rallye and 1969 Dodge Charger.

Today's announcement also included a list of fixes that have already been applied to the PC version, and are awaiting approval for the PS3 and Xbox 360. They include:

*Logging into the game has been improved
*Once into the game the online network experience is now much more stable in all areas
*Save games no longer corrupt
*Existing corrupted save games will be repaired in many cases
*Friends lists are now populated
*Invites now work correctly
*Clubs have been brought back online
*Exploits to gain money have been fixed
*Casino access has been improved
*Players will no longer lose money because of the Casino bug

Admittedly, I know next to nothing about cars beyond the fact that mistreated Chevy Corsicas have a nasty habit of locking up and driving into the side of convenience stores (long story). I do, however, know a little about public relations, and giving away free DLC in compensation for releasing a buggy game is definitely a good first step towards getting back into a consumer's good graces. A better step wouldhave been to avoidreleasing a lemon in the first place, but hey, these days that may be asking too much.

Feb 23, 2011

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