Freddy Got Fingered review

This won't be remembered as the worst movie of the year, but only because it won't be remembered at all. Mr Drew Barrymore, aka Tom Green, plays Gord, an unsympathetic twentysomething loser who lives with his parents and pulls the kind of pranks that bag you a show on MTV.

But here Green's stunts fall flat because we know they're staged: half the fun of his old TV show was seeing how people reacted. The plot - - Green's unsuccessful animator tries to create a hit cartoon - - is a limp framework for increasingly tasteless, woefully unfunny gross-out `jokes', while Green lacks any of the weird charm he displayed in Road Trip.

Only Rip Torn, as Gord's long-suffering father, manages to emerge with any dignity; obviously thinking of the money he treats the material with the contempt it deserves.

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