Forza Motorsport 6 ditches microtransactions, gets real puddles instead

Forza Motorsport 6 will not feature any microtransactions, according to Turn 10. This might sound like common sense, seeing as the game will be a boxed, retail release, but Forza 5 was also a full retail release and happened to be chock full of 'em. The E3 conversation between OXM and Bill Giese, Executive Producer, went like this:

"The number of cars is 450. Are they available at launch?"

"At launch, yep. On disc."

"Nothing's locked behind DLC, at this stage?"

"No. No."

That's two whole 'no's, which is one 'no' better than just 'no'. But, just to clarify, it was asked again later in the session whether microtransactions would be returning, and it was confirmed: "Everything is tuned for 'no tokens' at launch." It's a pleasing revelation, but perhaps not quite as pleasing as the appearance of wet weather racing. It turns out the team reportedly went to a rain-drenched Nurburgring (as well as other tracks) and recreated every single puddle they found, which means you'll be virtually driving through real puddles when you play the game.

Running at 1080p and 60fps, Forza 6 is looking great and should give Project CARS a run for its money in the battle for 'best racing sim on Xbox' when it is released on September 15.

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Justin Towell

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