Former Capcom artist details a potential DC fighting game

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In a world of Marvel vs. Capcom games, it's a little hard to imagine a parallel universe where the gaming giant took on the DC superheroes instead. A new Twitter thread from an industry insider, however, tells us that we may have gotten closer to that reality than previously thought.

In a Twitter thread from comic translator and former Capcom artist Katsuya Akitomo, he spoke in-depth about the world of American comics and his relationship to them. Translations courtesy of Twitter user gosokkyu provided insight into his comments.

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Akitomo revealed that DC actually approached Capcom in the late '90s and early '00s to inquire about making a game revolving around the Justice League. Akitomo says that when he was asked for his opinion on the matter, he was against it. 

Akitomo cites the fact that the power gaps are much wider between DC's lineup of superheroes compared to Marvel's, and that at the time, DC was "floundering" outside of the success of Batman. The '90s were a notoriously difficult period for the Western comics industry. Akitomo also stated that Capcom's development process and the arcade business were "in transition" at the time, meaning that there were doubts as to whether investing in IP games would have continued to be a smart investment.

Akitomo has been credited with fostering a connection between Marvel and Capcom that would come to a head with the iconic Marvel vs. Capcom series. 

It can only be imagined what might have happened if Capcom had taken on the DC character for their own fighting game, but it would have likely been something very different from the Injustice series developed by NetherRealm Studios. 

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