Ubisoft's new sword-wielding slasher For Honor pits knights against samurai

Yves Guillemot truly is the man with all the surprises. The Ubisoft CEO took the stage at Ubisoft's E3 2015 press conference to unveil For Honor, a game about stabbing people in the head with freaking swords. In a brief teaser trailer, many heads were stabbed with many different swords - from the classic broadsword to the samurai's katana. And we may have spied a viking's handaxe in there somewhere.

After the tease, creative director Jason Wandenberghe took the stage to give us some insight into how For Honor plays. He stressed the importance of "feeling the weight of the weapon in your hands," and the visceral sensation of - you guessed it - stabbing people in the head.

A live demo of the actual game reveal it to be a Dynasty Warriors hack-'n-slasher through the lens of a MOBA. The player - a gallant, medieval-looking knight - cut down a few minions before squaring off against a pair of player-controlled samurai. The game is played between two teams of four, who are then supported by massive groups of lesser minions.

Our knight held his own in a desperate one-on-two struggle against the samurai, and eventually emerged victorious with the help of a teammate. The one-on-one combat in the game placed a heavy emphasis on spacing and the different stances you can take with your weapon - like a much faster (and less lethal) version of Bushido Blade.

No release date was given for For Honor, but you can check out the game's official page to sign up for the latest information. And get caught up on the rest of E3 2015 – and there's a lot of it – with our hub page.

Maxwell McGee
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