Football Manager 2014: Watch the improved 3D match engine

Football Manager 2014 is nearing completion and Sega is keen to show off its improved 3D match engine. This video, taken from a pre-beta build of the new game, shows off the new weather effects, as well as various camera angles including the classic top-down view.

The game is scheduled for release on October 31 on PC, Mac and (for the first time ever) Linux too. The game will also feature cloud saves, allowing gamers to continue playing their game from any computer they like, or on the separate PS Vita version of the game. Dubbed Football Manager 2014 Classic, the Vita version will be the first handheld iteration of the franchise to feature the 3D match engine and will allow players of the main iteration who play in Classic mode to utilise the cross-save functionality.

Justin Towell

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