Fogbound review

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Kicking off as a thriller in which three holidaymakers (Luke Perry, Ben Daniels, Orla Brady) are trapped in a dense patch of mist when their car breaks down, Fogbound quickly dissipates into a self-conscious, surreal mess. It takes in various sexual misadventures, psychotherapy sessions involving boxing gloves and flashbacks to 18th-century France... Where - - get this - - one of the main characters reappears as a philosopher who wants to prove the difference between nature and nurture by locking up his baby son in the stables...

Director Ate de Jong (best known on these shores for the atrocious Drop Dead Fred) desperately strains to make this bizarre collection of nonsensical plot-oddities into High Art. He fails. Fogbound is more likely to bore than enthral, but there is admittedly a perverse enjoyment to be had from watching ex-Beverly Hills 90210 heartthrob Luke Perry struggle with this dire material, which involves such joys as autoerotic asphyxiation and cock rings.

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