Five reasons MGS4 is awesome - in video

Just in case, we've put them in order of smallest spoiler to largest, so if you start getting uncomfortable with how much is being revealed, then you can click away and save youself a few surprises. So we'll start with a simple gameplay sequence and end with the reveal that space monkeys with big elbows come out of the sea and kill everyone. Oh dammit…

So, warning over, are you sure you want to continue? You wouldn't rather readthe reviewinstead? OK. Then we'll begin.

Above: "Go on, do it. Ask me why I look so young in this screenshot. Make my day."

The mounted gun chase
Sure, we've already done this sort of thing on PS3 with Uncharted and GTA IV (and countless times on other platforms too including the original Metal Gear Solid), but there's no denying it's a lot of fun, especially here. The draw distance is huge, the Gekko robot beasts are superbly animated and the section is a lot longer than you'd expect it to be.

We've shown you about 30 seconds here, but you really should play the whole thing to appreciate why we love it so. Especially when the soldiers start climbing up on your vehicle to where Snake is standing...

Above: It's ascary momentwhen you get tapped on the shoulder by one of these fellas

Justin Towell

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