Five Coolest Youtube Moments

Simon Pegg BMX Birthday
Derren Brown once made a mugger cry by telling him how tall his front wall isn't, so the fact that he can make Simon Pegg want a red BMX for his birthday shouldn't really surprise anyone.
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Kevin Smith On Superman
Kevin Smith might have forgotten how to make good movies, but he sure as hell can tell a good story about not making them. Here he discusses at length what went wrong with his proposed Superman script.
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How To Swede
Be Kind Rewind director Michel Gondry and his star Jack Black explain to the hungry internet masses how to recreate your favourite films with you as the star, just like the heroes of Gondry's make-and-do masterpiece. And this is how they responded...
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Werner Herzog Shot
During a BBC interview outside his home in LA, crackers German helmer Herzog is shot with an airgun. He ignores the bleeding wound and insists on continuing, much to the alarm of presenter Mark Kermode.
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Star Wars According To A Three Year Old
Super-cute retelling of the space saga, which means the big lesson of the film is now "Don't talk back to Darth Vader -he'll getcha!"
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