Five Collectable Doctor Who Covers Unveiled

The latest newsstand issue of SFX features five exclusive character covers to choose from

The world’s number one sci-fi and fantasy magazine today celebrates this autumn's return of Doctor Who with an exclusive selection of five limited edition covers and a revealing behind-the-scenes interview.

The new issue of SFX , on-sale today, features access to the man behind Doctor Who , Steven Moffat, in which he exclusively reveals his thoughts on the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, and delivers an episode-by-episode insight into the 2014 series.

And to celebrate the return of Doctor Who to our screens, the magazine features five limited edition collectable covers: Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and his four companions Clara, Strax, Jenny and Madame Vastra. These will be randomly distributed around the UK.

Overseas readers and subscribers can look forward to the first amazing Peter Capaldi cover.

Issue 251 of the leading sci-fi and fantasy magazine also goes behind the scenes on Sin City: A Dame To Kill For and analyses the future of superheroes on TV with a complete guide to the upcoming shows Gotham , Constantine , The Flash , Agent Carter and more. The issue also features interviews with geek icon Felicia Day, director Luc Besson, and top fantasy author Robin Hobb.

The issue goes on sale Wednesday 23 July in all good newsagents and if you're one of our thousands of subscribers a copy should be plopping onto your doormat today too.

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