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Fishing Master review

Master this fishing game for a world of wrist pain

Casting control is spot on, with the WiiMote making a pretty natural casting mechanism. The only difficulty is during the context-sensitive cues when you quickly flick the controller to the side to pull the fishing line, yet the on-screen result seems to always be a little delayed for one side (the right).

Even though your in-game avatar is a cartoon bobble-headed fisher-person, your well-crafted Nintendo Mii has to stay home this trip, which is an unfortunate oversight. While most of the game has similarly overly simplified graphics, each of the 100+ caught fish (and odd items) is surprisingly well rendered with lighting effects and realistic details down to the shimmering scales.

More Info

DescriptionThis unassuming and simple fishing game starts slow but eventually reels you in with its 100+ types of fish to find and the addictive thrill of the catch. The reduced price is also a nice lure.
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date18 September 2007 (US), (UK)