First Red Dead Redemption co-op DLC already revealed

Red Dead Redemption and its "GTA of the Old West" antics won't be out until May 18, but Rockstar's already announced the first of three planned DLC expansions: a co-op mission pack for up to four players. Titled "Outlaws: Free to the End," the expansion will hit Xbox Live and PSN sometime in June. Oh, and it'll also be free.

While Red Dead's multiplayer currently features team-based matches and the ability to form up as "posses" in its free-roam mode, but out of the box there isn't any real structure to its co-op play. Downloading Outlaws to the End will add six new missions (along withnew Achievements/Trophies) to the multiplayer, three of which publisher Rockstar revealed today.

In theWalton's Gold mission,players have to raid a mining camp and fill a minecart with gold before the place blows up, while inThe River, you'll a raft ride through hostile encampments, capped off by a huge battle at a rebel stronghold. Finally, in Ammunition, you'll need to defend a little town against a heavy assault by Mexican Army artillery.

There's no word yet about further missions or a solid release date, but if it's timed right, this could add afresh breath of life to Red Dead right about the time hardcore playerswill havefinished with its story mode. And hey, if nothing else, the price tag of "nothing" should make this an automatic download for everyone who buys the game.

May 5, 2010

Mikel Reparaz
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