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The Sea In You by Jessi Sheron
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On Tuesday, Iron Circus Comics launched an independent crowdfunding campaign for its upcoming dark fantasy retelling of The Little Mermaid, The Sea In You by Jessi Sheron. Originally launched as a webcomic in 2015, The Sea In You is a queer mermaid tale about an alienated high school girl in an abusive relationship and the siren she befriends after she's nearly swept off to sea during a storm.

Corinth just wanted to clean up the beach when she nearly drowned and was rescued by Skylla, a young mermaid with a determination to learn everything she can about human culture through Corinth. As the two grow closer, they share stories, exchange gifts, and communicate through sign language in order to better understand each other. Their friendship isn't risk-free, though, and dangerous magic may be the only way for them to maintain their connection.

(Image credit: Iron Circus Comics)

"I am beyond ecstatic that The Sea in You is being published with Iron Circus Comics, I've loved the books they have put out for ages," Jessi Sheron tells Newsarama. "So many of their books have everything I adore about the medium of comics: strong gorgeous art, and stories about people you meet all the time but don't always get to see star in books. I get swept up when I read books like Shadoweyes or Riceboy, stories with such unique worlds but such REAL human emotion.

"Before I submitted to them I had a dream that The Sea in You would be published with them, and when I woke up, instead of being disappointed it was only a dream, I knew I HAD to try and make it come true. So one week later I submitted the book proposal—and now it's coming true? A real dream come true? It sounds silly but I guess sometimes it happens!

"This year I'm attending the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, I have wanted to go for AGES and this is the first year I can actually attend. I can't wait to be surrounded by mermaid fans. I love how big of a mermaid community exists now! Professional mermaids are even a job! I'll be handing out mermaid art zines and taking every picture I can, and I plan on dressing up in as many sparkles and sequins as physically possible."

Ahead of the 2023 publication of The Sea In You, Newsarama has a first look. See the preview pages below.

Iron Circus Comics aims to raise $10 thousand to publish The Sea In You as both a digital and physical graphic novel; backers can choose to receive just a digital copy for $8 or both a digital and physical copy for $15. Shipping will be calculated and paid separately, at a later date. Rewards will be sent out in January 2023.

The Sea In You crowdfunding campaign launches just in time for Pride Month, and we're celebrating the most iconic LGBTQIA+ superheroes in comic books.

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