First big Enshrouded update gives the survival RPG new dungeons so tough the devs advise against soloing them, and let's not forget the Hobbit doors either

The first big Enshrouded update is finally out, and among many, many changes, its biggest addition are challenging new dungeons that you'll find in every Biome.

In the patch notes, developer Keen Games says "the biggest part of the update is undoubtedly the Hollow Halls," the titular dungeons designed to pose a new and decidedly life-threatening challenge for survivors.

Just how difficult are the new Hollow Halls dungeons? Well, Keen Games says they'll "test your mettle," and "strongly" recommends "preparing well and bringing your best food items, as well as campfires to rest during your exploration. It is possible to run these as a solo player, but it might be a very challenging experience, and we recommend bringing some friends along." 

From the footage in the above trailer, it looks like these new dungeons are absolutely crawling with skellies, some of which are wielding weapons, others not so much, and there are also some skeleton doggos that I'll take great pain in having to kill. 

Fortunately, for your efforts you'll also find new legendary weapons, crafting resources, trophies, and somewhere along the line, a new "spooky NPC" you can bring back to your base as a survivor. Not much else is known about the new survivor, but from the vibe of the dungeon they inhabit, there's a good chance they're of the skeletal variety.

Hollow Halls have been added to every biome in Enshrouded, and they're filled with new enemies and challenges that match the level of the biome where they're located. "These daunting new dungeons come with a multitude of new challenges and exciting rewards," the patch notes read. Just chat with the Alchemist to get started on a questline that'll take you through the new content.

Oh, how could I forget about the Hobbit holes? Building Hobbit hole houses in games like Minecraft and now Enshrouded is a survival game mainstay, and true to tradition, "Cade the Carpenter now offers a new set of round doors and windows" for your humble - or not so humble - abode.

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