Finish Spore with a Star Destroyer!

Contributions by: Joe McNeilly and Tyler Nagata

Did we play Spore correctly? We have the sinking feeling that we were supposed to be using Spore’s dynamic editors to create our own original creatures, vehicles, and cities. But instead of letting Spore help us give birth to a world filled with our own original designs, we found ourselves crushing rebellious colonies with a Star Destroyer and hassling hostile alien races in a replica of Firefly’s Serenity.

And what’s wrong with that? Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and even though we may not be enjoying Spore’s Space Phase properly, the game’s given us an easy way to explore the final frontier in custom-built carbon copies of the most iconic sci-fi ships flying about in our nerdy minds. If you’re like us and don’t see yourself diving headfirst into Spore’s various creators, check out some of the best fan-made tributes to the greatest ships that ever sailed through space below. Trust us, the more Cylon Raiders and X-wings you have in Spore’s Space Phase, the better.

We’ve used the original names the authors gave their creations in this list of Star Wars ships. We realize that some may not jive exactly with theStar Wars Databank,but hey, creating Spore spaceship knock-offs isn’t an exact science. And before you start moaning about the fact that there are no Death Stars in this list, know that we literally couldn’t find any good ones. So if you’re looking to fill a gaping hole in the Sporepedia, please whip up a halfway decent Death Star!

Star Destroyer
Author: Ottae

X-Wing Fighter
Author: LOLthings

Millennium Falcon
Author: modestlyawesome

B-Wing Fighter
Author: AJCook

Y-Wing Fighter
Author: zorroma123

TIE Interceptor
Author: thefathre

Imperial Shuttle
Author: chickenman630

Author: marcinwrok

Naboo Fighter
Author: jemalki

SIE Fighter
Author: thearchlich