The final Wonder Woman trailer warns, "Fighting does not make you a hero"

The final Wonder Woman trailer is here, giving us one last extended look at Diana, Princess of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, kicker of asses, ahead of her solo film's premiere on June 2. It's… well, I'm not a huge fan of Imagine Dragons or the use of songs with lyrics as backing in movie trailers so I can't say it resonated with me. I prefer the first few trailers, what with their orchestral scores and slower pace.

But to each their own. Either way, the film itself looks solid, and (so help me) I'm looking forward to another DC film.

Fun facts: did you know that Imagine Dragons song debuted as part of the League of Legends 2014 World Championship? And did you know that Riot Games, developer of League, is owned by Tencent Interactive Entertainment? And did you know that Tencent Pictures, a sub-division of Tencent Interactive, is helping produce Wonder Woman?

You can basically play "six degrees of separation" with anything and end up at League of Legends is what I'm trying to say. Also Wonder Woman comes out next month.

Images: Warner Bros.

Sam Prell

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