Final Fantasy week

Final Fantasy is one of the most enduringly popular games in the history of video gaming. 2006's Final Fantasy XII, the last PlayStation 2 entry in the series, set a record for most copies shipped to retail on release. The series has struck a chord with fans the world over, by providing engrossing gameplay against a backdrop of astounding drama - for over 20 years.

But which game in the series is the ultimate? Whichentry has the best main character, the best villain, the best music or the best battles? We'll be answering these questions for you. We're running through the entire series (skipping spin-offs like Final Fantasy Tactics and X-2...we're dealing with main, numbered entries) and offering up our arguments for what makes the finest Final Fantasy.

Contributors: Brett Elston and Christian Nutt

Day one: the hero
Day two: the villain
Day three: the battle system
Day four: the soundtrack
Day five: the best Final Fantasy of all time