Final Fantasy week, day 4

Above: We could have picked any scene from FFVI - the entire soundtrack blows us away

1. Final Fantasy VI

This was like choosing which piece of solid gold we loved the most, but when we considered the track list and the overall emotional impact each score had on us, it was FFVI that won out. From the epic opening theme to the 20-minute finale song, each track wrings out more musical quality than any other game in the series. The boss music is fantastic of course, but it's the timeless "Dancing Mad" that truly encapsulates why this game's tunes rule. Picture the biggest, baddest end boss you've ever seen, one that towers four screens high, each section with its own unsettling theme. It all leads up to the final confrontation with Kefka, where the music reaches its ultimate apex and you know, without a doubt, you are in the game's final battle.

It doesn't stop there. Tracks like "The Veldt," "The Phantom Forest," "Battle to the Death" and "Searching for Friends" ensure that FFVI 's soundtrack will remain in your head for years to come. Hell, we've been humming Terra's theme for the past twelve. Oh, and we can't forget the game's defining moment, one that can be summarized in two words: Opera scene. You know why.