Final Fantasy-style action game Lost Soul Aside is coming to PS5

Lost Soul Aside
(Image credit: UltiZeroGames)

Chinese action game Lost Soul Aside is coming to the PS5.

Speaking at the PlayStation China Press Conference 2021, developer Ultizero Games announced that Lost Soul Aside would be coming to the PS5 (via Gematsu). This means that the action game will be arriving on PS4, PS5, and PC as well.

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Earlier this week, Lost Soul Aside stormed out of hibernation with the 18-minute gameplay trailer shown just below. It looks like Final Fantasy mixed in with Devil May Cry's rapid combat, plus a little bit of Bayonetta's flashy designs thrown in for good measure.

If you haven't heard of Lost Soul Aside, it's the project of a sole developer based in China. The team at Ultizero Games has now expanded, and Lost Soul Aside has come back into the public spotlight with the new trailer above, after going dark for a number of years.

In Ultizero's action game, you take on the role of protagonist Kazer, who has been mysteriously fused with a race called Arena. Kazer is now on a journey to save not only the world, which has been ravaged by monsters, but also himself. He's also got a sword that appears to house a sentient dragon, if he didn't already seem cool enough.

Currently, Lost Soul Aside is coming to PS4, PS5, and PC, but it doesn't have a release date just yet. It's certainly one to keep an eye out for though, with stylish visuals and up-beat combat.

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