Final Fantasy on 360 a "blank page" says Square Enix

PS3-less Final Fantasy fans might want to think about saving a few pennies this year, as it looks like Xbox 360 isn't getting any more Final Fantasy games at all.

Speaking to Japan's Nikkei BP, Square Enix's Shinji Hashimoto said that the company currently has no plans to bring the RPG series to Microsoft's console.

"For the Wii, we have FF Crystal Chronicles in production," he told the website. "As for FF on the Xbox 360, it's currently a completely blank page."

This is the second in a double-whammy of bad news from the RPG developer, as yesterday (opens in new tab) it told gutted fans that the much-craved FFVII remake is "absolutely not" in the works.

It's not all bad news for 360 owners of course, as Square Enix's The Last Remnant is on its way to Xbox 360 and is looking fantastic. Perhaps if we buy enough copies Square Enix will bring some of its big hitters Microsoft's way.

June 6, 2007