Final Fantasy III on iPhone will be a port of the DS version

Square's initial post on its Final Fantasy III iPhone teaser site offered little more than a release date. As it turns out, the publisher was saving all the details for Japanese game mag Famitsu, which published the first comprehensive look at the game this week.

The game will not be a port of the original, rather, it will be a touched-up port of the 2006 DS version, sporting higher resolution graphics and updated sound. According to AndriaSang, the audio was said by a Famitsu editor to be of "incredibly high quality."

While Square is updating the battle controls for the iPhone, it's taking the overworld controls directly from the DS - you'll have to use a virtual D-Pad if you want your party to make any progress.

The article didn't give any new release date information, but the teaser site prominently declares that the game is "Coming March 2011."

[Source: AndriaSang]

Feb 23, 2011