Final Fantasy Explorers forecast calls for new Cloud and Lightning footage

Final Fantasy Explorers is a new twist on the long-running JRPG series' formula, but it owes a lot to the games that came before it. So, to honor the heroes and heroines of previous Final Fantasy games, Explorers will let players transform into 11 of the franchise's most iconic characters. You can see Cloud, Yuna, and Lightning in action with a new trailer:

In Final Fantasy Explorers, you'll choose from 21 jobs - cool ones, like Dark Knight, Machinist, and Ninja, not lame ones like Assistant Manager or Customer Service - and hunt down monsters in a never-ending quest for better, fatter loots. Complete special requirements, however, and you'll be able to temporarily transform into classic characters.

The total cast of returning warriors includes Cecil (FF4), Bartz (FF5), Terra (FF6), Aerith, Cloud, Tifa (all from FF7), Squall (FF8), Tidus (FF10), Yuna (in her Gunner attire from FF10-2), Vaan (FFXII), and Lightning (FF13). What, no love for Final Fantasy 9?

Final Fantasy Explorers will be available for 3DS on January 26.

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Sam Prell

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