No one loves their job as much as these Final Fantasy Explorers do

Final Fantasy Explorers characters get all the cool jobs: Knight, White Mage, Monk, Time Mage ... No one told me those were options when I went to school! I would've majored in Chronomancy with a minor in Monster Slaying in a heartbeat. If this trailer for the game is any indication, it'd be a pretty fun life.

Final Fantasy Explorers takes the traditionally story-focused series and turns it into a Monster Hunter-like action RPG focused on customizing and leveling your character through hunts. There will be 21 jobs to choose from when the game becomes available for 3DS on January 26, but no matter which you pick, work with your team to synergize and leverage your growth opportunities.

Sorry, was that too much job jargon? How about "get some friends together and have fun"?

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