Final Fantasy 7 Remake stuttering issues on PC can be (mostly) fixed with a trick

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC is suffering from stuttering, but a fix might've just been found.

According to PC Gamer, Final Fantasy 7 Remake's ongoing stuttering issues on PC can be remedied with a switch to DirectX 11. According to the outlet's research, switching Square Enix's remake to play in this mode will reduce the number of frame rate drops you see throughout the early few hours of the game at least, in particular the slums area of Chapter 3.

Apparently, this area is one of the worst in Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC for stuttering issues, as players are reporting boatloads of dropped frames. Switching the game to run in DirectX 11 mode can be done by selecting your profile through the Epic Games Store, clicking settings, then choosing Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and ticking the "additional command lines argument" box.

In the blank space underneath this box, enter -dx11 to force Final Fantasy 7 Remake into the DirectX 11 mode. However, according to PC Gamer, this comes at a slight price, as although it'll reduce the number of dropped frames from the remake, it'll also prevent HDR from working entirely. Then again, maybe that's not something you're that fussed about, especially if it mostly remedies the dropped frames.

It seems like Final Fantasy 7 Remake hasn't had the stellar launch on PC that Square Enix was undoubtedly hoping for. Heading over to the remake's subreddit, there's a slate of popular posts notifying others of stuttering issues, and even some that've found other fixes to the dropped frames, including venturing into the Nvidia Control Panel settings.

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