5 best Final Fantasy 15 PC mods to use right now, including a… Cactuar sword?!

Get ready. Mods are coming. Final Fantasy 15 is finally out on PC, and you know what that means: a whole host of alterations are on the horizon for the monstrously-big, open-world game - from the bizarre to the inevitable. There are slim pickings at the moment with only nine-ish mods available from the Steam Workshop, but among them are the mods created especially by Square Enix. They’re mainly cosmetic alterations to characters and skins for weapons, so take a look below to see the Final Fantasy PC mods that are currently available to download. 

Cosmetic items

Cactuar suit
Make the NPCs wandering around Final Fantasy 15 look like giant, prickly cacti with this nifty mod. For those of you who are especially picky about colours, there are purple, green, and yellow skins to choose from. 

Download the green Cactuar skin from the Steam Workshop
Download the purple Cactuar skin from the Steam Workshop
Download the yellow Cactuar skin from the Steam Workshop

Half-Life Costume
Take a leaf out of Gordon Freeman’s book not only by dressing in his trademark Black Mesa suit, but also by remaining stoically silent throughout your entire playthrough. If you want. 

Download it from the Steam Workshop

This is just a skin for the swords that are already included in the main game, so there are no separate stats for it. Though if it was a special item, we imagine it’d have a special bonus for pricking your foes with teeny tiny needles. 

Download it from the Steam Workshop

Like the cactbar, this crowbar (see what they did there?) doesn’t come with any specific damage. It’ll be applied to some of the weapons in your inventory, so if you pair it with the Gordon Freeman skin you can almost fool yourself into thinking that Dog must be close by too. 

Download it from the Steam Workshop

Bug fixes

[Special K] Resource Management Performance
This mod comes from a fellow player, Kaldaien, who’s noticed that if you play on both mouse and keyboard and use a gamepad, whenever the game detects input on either device (like when you accidently move your mouse when reaching for a delicious Nissin Cup Noodle) it messes up your controls. Kaldaien’s mod lets you choose which device you use and makes the game ignore any input from the other one. Nifty!

Download it from the Steam Workshop

How to uninstall the mods

Just a warning: finding out how to uninstall these mods is giving gamers a lot of grief. So once you’ve unsubscribed from the mod, go to your Steam folder, then get into the steamapps folder, and then the workshop section. If you just delete the files that were modified the day you added the mod in question, that should do it. 

If you’re using its release on PC as an excuse to get stuck into Square Enix’s  RPG once again, take a look at these Final Fantasy 15 tips to help you on your way

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