Final Fantasy 15 devs holding poll for moogle inclusion - vote kup-yes or kup-no

Despite earlier indication that they would be absent from the game, moogles may yet make an appearance in Final Fantasy 15. The English and Japanese Twitter accounts for FF15 have polls asking fans if they'd like to see the cute little cat-bats added to the game, and both polls have nearly 90 percent of their respective participants voting yes.

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Game director Hajime Tabata stated at TGS in September that the iconic species had been dropped from the game, but also seemed open to the possibility of them being added back in if fans wanted it badly enough. So far, more than 14,000 people have voted in favor of their inclusion, which seems like a good sign. But with the game expected to hit shelves in 2016, it's hard to imagine developers having enough time to give moogles a significant presence if they do show up.

Still, let's be optimistic, yeah? Let's say moogles get added to FF15; which version would you like to see? Take our own poll below!

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