This Final Fantasy 15 driving video looks so good it might get into a gasoline fight

Final Fantasy's always been more about the journey than the destination, and his new gameplay video proves Final Fantasy 15 is taking that old adage very literally. Noctis and the gang go roadtripping for a solid five minutes in the video, driving down a coastal highway and stopping at the occasional roadside attraction (which, no, doesn't include a dungeon).

It's nice and calming to watch, at least until you realize Noctis is being an idiot and not wearing his seatbelt on the highway. And it's not a cinematic, it is gameplay - as proven by the video's rather comprehensive rundown of all the different driving modes and camera angles. "Manual" and "Auto" have nothing to do with shifting gears here - instead, the former lets you take the wheel while the latter lets you relax and watch the world go by at 70 miles an hour.

And by "the world" I mean their hair. Final Fantasy has presided at the top of the Video Game Hair Game for years and now these fine feathered fellows are just styling on the competition. I just hope the Final Fantasy 15 dog has comparable fur physics.

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Connor Sheridan

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