You thought Final Fantasy 15 was weird? Watch this tie-in commercial for instant ramen.

Everyone knows about product placement. In exchange for getting their products screen time, companies like Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, and Apple will pump a few extra dollars into a Hollywood production. Usually it's a little more subtle than what Square Enix and Cup Noodle have done for Final Fantasy 15 though...

So what's the deal? Well, Square Enix and Nissin are apparently pretty friendly with each other, as they're located just a short walk away from each other in Tokyo's Shinjuku neighborhood. Cup Noodle also appears in-game (though in a less... distracting way), and there are even side quests that revolve around helping Cup Noodle reach the masses of Eos.

Nissin is currently giving away 150 boxes - each one containing 15 different Cup Noodle flavors - via a sweepstakes hosted on the "Cup Noodle XV" website. I can't read the rules so who knows if those of us outside of Japan are even eligible, but in any case, at least we got a funny commercial out of it all.

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Sam Prell

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