Final Fantasy 14 devs tease giant, ripped goth girl as dungeon boss, thirsty fans absolutely take the bait

The boss of Final Fantasy 14's Lapis Manalis dungeon
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Square Enix has launched a special website to tease further what’s coming in Final Fantasy 14’s 6.3 update, and a fan-favourite has emerged in record time – it’s no surprise why, either.

The Final Fantasy MMO is getting a new dungeon in the update called Lapis Manalis, which sends players to an abandoned village in the Garlean mountains in pursuit of voidsent. All you know about the ramshackle town is that locals journeyed there to practise the reaper arts, and boy, are you ever gonna find a reaper there. 

Square Enix has revealed on the website that the boss of this dungeon is indeed a reaper - in the form of a big reapy goth gf. Apparently channeling the internet-wrecking power of Lady Dimitrescu, one image confirms that the dungeon’s big bad towers over your entire team and then some. We see what you’re doing, Square Enix.

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In more wholesome news, Final Fantasy 14’s are rejoicing over Aymeric being allowed to leave his office and get up to shenanigans as part of the Starlight Celebration event. If you’ve been out of the loop, 2015’s Heavensward expansion sees the once-humble knight ascend to the top role of parliament, which has tied him to his desk since. 

Now, for the duration of the Starlight Celebration, you can find him wandering around Gridania looking appropriately festive. If you chat with him, you’ll find that he was called to the city for an audience with Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna, and has been given a chance to tootle around. 

Better yet, patch 6.3 introduces additional duty support for six additional Heavensward dungeons, which means you can tackle them while calling Aymeric to your side. He may have been largely office-bound over the past seven years, but Aymeric is finally getting to use some long-dormant muscles. 

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Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.3 is set to release early January, though we're still to get the exact date.

Meanwhile, a Final Fantasy 14 theatre troupe of Lalafells is re-enacting Pirates of the Caribbean.

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