Fight Night PS3 roughs you up

Tuesday 5 September 2006
The PS3 version of Fight Night Round 3 allows you to play bouts in first-person with its Get in the Ring mode, as we reported last week, and it seems the developer is really pushing for the most realistic experience PS3 can offer.

An interview with the game's producer has revealed that there's more to the new mode than a change of camera, with a variety of audio and visual injury effects portraying your fighter's response to being clobbered.

Effects include "Ear ringing, simulated loss of hearing, and restricted vision that mimics the effects of eye swelling and damage as well as flashes of bright light, colour shifts and blur," producer Michael Blank enthuses, claiming "This is the ultimate in HUD-less gameplay. The screen acts as your eyes."

In addition to modelling the fighters' psychological pummelling, the PS3 version will feature increased detail in character modelling and animation: "The strain of throwing a punch is shown in [boxers'] bodies and we're working on emulating this same visual detail."

You'll be able to get as close to being knocked unconscious as you could reasonably want to when Fight Night Round 3 launches on PS3 later in the year.