FIFA 08 PS3 and Xbox 360 developer blog #02

Aug 22, 2007

Joe Booth, FIFA 08 (PS3, Xbox 360), Lead Producer
Unlike Leeds United, in FIFA Soccer 08 you will actually be able to pull off skill moves on the pitch :) [Ed's note: Don't worry, Leeds fans, he'salready declared his ownlove of Leeds] We listened to everyone on the forums and we made it a priority this year. Our vision this year is to deliver a really next-gen experience and it’s only through our new animation engine that we are able to blend from one move to the other to provide you with this ‘building block’ concept for creating your own skills moves. This year you have the ability to learn to execute any combination of skill moves, giving you an infinite number of potential moves to beat you defender. Aaron McHardy worked on this feature and will go into more detail on the next page.

As we developed the skill moves feature I noticed that everyone has developed a go-to move. That is, when they are under pressure, the one move that they have really practiced and honed and will always go-to. It’s the move they are most confident executing. For me at this moment it is the roll but for others on the team it is 360s, or fakes and an exit move.