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FIFA 08 review

Hardcore soccer meets crazy control scheme


  • Up to date rosters
  • Solid soccer game
  • Multiplayer is still a blast


  • Shoehorned controls
  • Lame party games
  • Wasted potential

Oct 17, 2007

Well, we must have misinterpreted the early signs for this one, because despite being promoted by a Mii-style Ronaldinho and featuring cartoony backgrounds and crazy new controls, it’s actually very much a traditional FIFA game. Quite a dated one, at that.

If you stay away from the brightly coloured Party menu option then this is essentially a PS2-erasoccer game, with the default camera angle changed to a vertically scrolling view to accommodate some counter-intuitive motion controls.

Most of the standard commands, such as crossing, shooting, passing and tackling, have been re-mapped to up/down/left/right movements of the remote. To do a hard shot, you flick the remote up while running with the ball. To do a soft shot, you flick it down. Or is it the other way round? We forget.

More Info

DescriptionTwo-time FIFA World Player of the Year Ronaldinho will be the face that launches a few hundred thousand FIFA 08 units come autumn for Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, DS, PC, and for the first time PS3 and Wii.
PlatformXbox 360, PS2, PSP, DS, Wii, PC, PS3
US censor ratingEveryone
UK censor rating3+
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)